I want to share some milestones along the road of my journey with Christ. Some of you have not known me very long. I hope it will serve as encouragement for you. But mostly, if you are stuck in your Christian walk, I hope it will act as a catalyst to ignite a new hope and a passion in you that you will continue to feed for the rest of your life.


I grew up pretty normally (at least it was normal for me because I did not know how else to do it) in a home and environment with a typical 60’s family. My dad worked and my mother stayed home and did the mom things. We were certainly not rich by any standard (American that is) and tended toward the poorer struggling family. As is common in all families there were conflicts of wills. I remember lots of these. I was extremely sensitive and took these outbursts of anger personally (especially the ones that were directed toward me). I began to cry out to Someone for help. I did not know who but instinctively I knew that I must "lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." (Ps. 121:2)

My parents eventually divorced when I was 12 and it was hard on me – on all of us. Almost immediately I sought friends, people like me – depressed, confused, aimless, and miserable. I found a group of others at the bottom echelon of life.

The next ten years were extremely difficult for me and hard on me. Were it not for my academic aptitude (and God’s providential watchcare over me) I would have been sucked under by the circumstances of my life, never to emerge again. Mostly I was lost, clueless and looking for things to take the pain of life away. It often seemed that my own personal demon who was always reminding me that I was worthless and I might as well cut to the chase and make my grand exit was my only and best friend.

I had had no real Christian witness in my life. All throughout school I never met anyone who proclaimed to be a Christian. I was a heathen lost in a sea of heathens. Of course I always gravitated toward others who I had things in common with so I never got near any religious people. The only glimmer of light I had was my Uncle Barry and his family. They stood out as different from everybody else I knew or met. But we didn’t associate with "them".

It was at this time I began to once again "lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." (Ps. 121:2)


Tomorrow I will share my deliverance from the slime of my pit, my salvation experience, my early Christian walk and subsequent indoctrination into religion. Finally, on Friday I will share my deliverance from religion into a living, dynamic and vital relationship with Christ.