I was speaking with somebody yesterday when the conversation turned to some peculiar behavioral patterns that a close relative of hers exhibits. I put a couple of these together and strongly suggested that she look into a particular social/behavioral syndrome to help her determine if this person might have it.

Then I said something that might appear strange, "If you determine that they have this syndrome you shouldn’t tell them, they don’t need to know but you do." There are things that people can change and should and there are things that flat out can’t be changed.

We were in fact talking about an old dog and new tricks. This was a mature adult who has managed his life to this point. To let him or her know that they are odd and thought to be weird by others serves little purpose. But to understand they are a little different and why they are that way can give you great insight into them and how to have a less stressful relationship with them.

This little story of knowing how you perceive yourself and how you are in truth reminds me of the little story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. You remember the story don’t you? An emperor was convinced of his own great nobility and worth and was made very easily to believe himself worthy of the finest clothing that money could buy and he set out to obtain the same. Unscrupulous persons who were near to him and well trusted sold him what he desired for a a very dear price. They spun him a robe like none had ever seen before nor ever would since it was nothing but empty lies. He proudly slipped into the vanity of his own deception and marched in the full view of all to display his birthday suit. Which, I am sure, nobody cared to see. Now is the time someone needs to know the truth.

The emperor has, like so many down at the house of religion, bought a box full of deception at a very handsome price. Now he might feel really good about his purchase and I am sure he even believes it to have great value since the price he paid for it was no small amount. But we all know that he has been duped. There is an element of persons who, perhaps beginning with sincere and upright intentions, when once they learn that you are easily manipulated by perceptions will take advantage of you. Welcome to the Christian Country Club.

This is when and where somebody needs to know the truth. It will be painful but their eternal welfare is at stake. They will not like you for bursting their pride-bubble but someday they may thank you. For they were not only en route to make a bigger fool of themselves but were headed for bitter and utter destruction, even death.

Somebody needs to tell this person at the risk of great rejection. That is what Christ did for us. He exposed our nakedness. But He did not leave us there. He offered us His robe.