We must understand this battle of the mind and our victory if we are to become and live as freemen, no longer as slaves.

At one time we were slaves to rulers and slave-masters, not directly but ancestorily. Before our family came to America we had roots in a feudal kingdom. For some, you have descended from a family sold or taken into slavery. And if these two examples do not apply to you, we are all born into sin and a slave to it. How is it then we now enjoy these freedoms given to us by American laws? A great deal has to do with place. We are no longer there – we left our homes. Also, with the passage of much time we have become to accept this freedom which is ours. We now trust the giver of our freedoms (e.g. America). Much time gives the mind reason to believe that an unbelievable fact is in fact true and trustworthy.

I want to focus on these two aspects of freedom – leaving the place of your bondage and the convincing of the mind that it is true by the passing of time.

There was an amazing phenomenon that took place after the Emancipation Proclamation (the magna carta releasing slaves). For many years, in some cases even generations, that these new freed men and women did not exercise their rights to freedom. They stayed where they were and continued in their lives much the same as they always had. What tragedy and loss. Whereas before these were dead to their ability to walk about they had become dead men walking. They were moving but remained shackled in their minds. They did not know how to exercise their freedoms that were bought and paid for at a tremendous price.

The two factors that directly contributed to this was their place and their mindset. But primarily mindset, for even place can be a matter of mindset.

If you lack knowledge of your newly acquired freedom and how to assimilate the new truth into your own life you will find it difficult, if impossible, to change. It was not until those who were in bondage began to leave the place of their bondage that they began to realize the freedom they had. It is as if they were waiting for someone to take them by the hand and do it for them. Eventually some left the kingdom or the plantation and began to live apart from and away from the eye of their previous master. Others witnessed these and became encouraged to eventually exercise their own freedom.

Even still, there is an ominous cloud of remembrance of the former ways that continues to influence your freedom till you finally have changed your mind and reckoned it true that you are no longer slaves under the previous master.

Here is the point I want to make. None of us continue to feel the effects or influence of our previous bondage under the feudal system or a previous slavery from our past, now that we are here in America and 146 years (or more) have passed. Neither should those of us who are freed from sin continue to walk therein.

Get an eternal perspective on this. You have been seated with Christ in heavenly places. Earth is not your home. You have already moved your residence far from your previous place of bondage. You are now an eternal child of God and time for you does not exist. So why not jump forward 150 years or so when you will begin to accept that sin no longer has bondage on you and live there.

Your freedom is secure, irrevocable and available today. It was for freedom that Christ set you free.