The life of Jesus Christ either condemns us utterly or commends us beautifully.

If we know and study the life of Jesus and set out to be like Him immediately we hit the wall. We can not do it.  We fail miserably every time.  Though we observe and see His example we can not be that way.  Though we hear His words and learn of His teachings we cannot do what He did.  Though seeing we see not.  Though hearing we hear not.

It is only when we admit and confess that we can not be like Him that we become as Him.  For He never imitated His Father.  He yielded unconditionally.  He never once tried to be the Son of God, He only trusted (depended) and obeyed (yielded).  He could not live His life by trying and neither can you.  Only Trust and Obey for there is no other Way. (TV – 1/30/08)