The approach to life of a young child is very simplistic. When very young, a child is innocent of the true demands of life that will eventually fall to him or her. They are without much necessary understanding about the complexities of the bigger world that exists outside themselves and they have a narrow and limited perception and perspective of the world and how it works.

A child is completely and totally unaware of the absolute dependence they have upon their parents or guardians for their very basic needs. They just live and take life at it unfolds in front of them. Without their knowledge, even this unfolding of the world and the environments they experience are in some ways orchestrated by their parents. The parents would not bring the child into harms way and are always bringing experiences into the life of the child that will teach him and mold his thinking and ability to make choices.

A good parent is forever crafting the experiences of the child, choreographing the dramas of life that present themselves to the child so that the child’s understanding and ability to make good choices are both ever-expanding before them. The parent is tuned to the child’s heart, knowing where they are in terms of knowledge, morals, virtue, maturity, strength, responsibility, confidence, etc. and anticipating just the right scenario to gently guide them to the next step on the ladder that will raise them up to a new level of understanding, morality, virtue, etc.

As the child is busy about living and enjoying life, the Good Parent is involved in a world that is mysterious and unknown to the child. The Good Parent is always looking ahead of the child far beyond the child’s sight of the future to make a way that will provide both provision and protection for their future. They recognize that some day the child will need to leave their immediate presence and will be on their own to make their own choices. The Good Parent is stealthily and systematically placing new tools in the child’s toolbox and continually but subtly teaching the child the use of the tools by demonstration and use of them in the child’s presence.

Some of the hardest work of the Parent is to allow their child into the big open world without them, armed with nothing but their toolbox, a molded heart and a growing respect for their Parents ways, to make choices as they come at them. Accompanying them unseen on these voyages are all the prayers and groanings of the Parent for the child’s welfare. This waiting and watching takes great patience and faith.

So you see that the child is often unaware of all that the Parent has done and continues to do for His child throughout his or her life. Not until the child finds him or herself in the role of the parent does he begin to understand all that their Parent has done for them.

This is what I mean by Daddy’s work.

As a child we are overwhelmed by all the demands upon us to grow and learn and become mature and responsible. We never really stop to think and appreciate all that our Good Parent has done to raise us up.

Just as when the dad asks their child to come and help with washing the car and the child can only to address those areas that are lower and easy to reach so is God, our Heavenly Father working above us, working on the places we can not reach, washing and watering a vehicle that will eventually take us where we need to go.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isa. 55:9