In time of war its all hands on deck both for those engaged directly in the battle and those who are left at home to participate in a supportive role. In both the WWI and WWII episodes of of American history everybody was important to the cause, everybody had a sense of playing a part in our ultimate victory. Every thing that could be used was used for the purpose of obtaining the victory. Nobody had a sense that they were not needed. I do not know that that would be the case if our country were to become engaged in another World War. Once a country gains (at least in its own mind) the sense of superiority it becomes lax toward it’s resources. If you read much history you find that often it is the party that takes this attitude of superiority that runs great risk of losing the battle.

"Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." 1 Cor. 10:12

Can you imagine the excitement of being a part of something that will eventually define all history (His Story) from that time forward? Talk about motivation. I think about the Israelites as they were called upon to build the Tabernacle and then later Solomon’s temple. These edifices were the icons of their faith, their very lives. They were in fact the dwelling places of God. Wow, imagine being a part of building such a place.  Talk about national pride. Everybody had a role in the project. Nobody was unnecessary.

God has undertaken the greatest building project of all time – His Kingdom. And he needs a few good men. God wants to use every resource in the tool shed, the school yard, even the play pen. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. No one is exempt from duty and purpose in this engagement. God is not only building a House – His Church – He is simultaneously engaged in the greatest and most critical War of all Time and Eternity. Talk about purpose, talk about a sense of belonging. There is a place for you!

Here is the point. I don’t know how anyone can afford the luxury of remaining disengaged in the building of God’s Church and His Kingdom. If you find you are left in the toolshed to rust and rot, you need to get yourself into the hands of the Master Craftsman. He wants to use you, He designed you for His use and purpose. If you are not being picked up and put to use regularly perhaps you are in the wrong toolshed. In any case, God has formed you and fashioned you for great things. Get to work! It’s all hands on deck.