I want to share with you something I read yesterday from Francis De Sales, one of my favorite old time saints. This is from his "Treatise On The Love of God" first published in 1616. He illustrates the role of faithful service so poignantly here.

I learn so much from books. In fact I would say that they are the the vehicle that God most often uses to bring revelation to me. There is just something about getting alone with God and spiritually inspired, spirit-filled writers that I can not find the equal of. It is almost impossible to find a good spirit inspired book at the bookstore. Most often I have to order them through the mail. If you ever want some ideas on something to read let me know. I hope you can find a quiet place and time to reflect on the written word and works of saints who loved (and continue to love) God and expressed their relationship with words.

God likes books, he wrote 66 of them. That’s a good place to start. If you haven’t read your Bible through at lest 5 times, shame on you. How can God work in you if you haven’t put His word into your heart? Sermons and devotionals can’t cut it. No more excuses, just do it.

Here is the passage from Francis De Sales:

   Imagine a statue that has been placed in a niche. Suppose it could talk. You ask it what it is doing in that niche. It would answer, "Because my master put me here."
   "But what is the point in sitting there doing nothing?"
   "My master did not place me here to perform any task. It is enough that I am here."
   "Poor statue," you reply, pressing the point, "what difference does it make that you are there?"
   "I am not here for my own sake," it would answer. "I am here because it pleases my master. That is enough for me."
   "But you don’t see your master. How can you be content with pleasing him?"
   You are right. I can’t see him. My eyes don’t work any better than my feet. It satisfies me that my dear master is pleased to see me here."
   You continue to debate with the statue and ask it, "But don’t you at least have a desire to approach you master and offer him some greater service?"
   "No. I have no desire to do anything other that what my master wishes."
"Then you have no desire to be anything other that an immovable statue in a hollow niche?"
   The wise statue answers affirmatively. "I only desire to be a statue in this niche as long as it pleases my master. I am content to be here because the own who owns me is content to have me here. Because of him I am what I am."