Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Eph. 6:11

Put on. Pick it up, piece by piece. It is there for your protection. It has been given you. It is not on you yet. You must put it on. It is rightly fitted to suit you and your need in time of war. And this is war time. Every day is a war.

In Pilgrims progress, Christian is given his armour at the home of Prudence, Piety, Discretion and Charity. They each give him the necessary tokens he will need for his journey to the Celestial city but all joined to give him his fine armour "beaten out on the anvil of heaven by He who wove your garment."
From that day on Christian is not without armour.

It is the "armour of God". It is God Himself in the person of Christ visiting us as the Holy Spirit that we put on. He is the Truth about our waist. He is the Peace that dons our feet. He is the shield of Faith that quenches the accusative darts, He is the Salvation that protects our mind. Finally He is the Word that is able to fight back and hold our ground against the worst of the Enemy.

The enemy uses wiles, strategies and tricks intended to deceive and ensnare us to engage us in a battle we have already won in Christ. How does he do it? He speaks to you through your own voice, as that old familiar friend, Self. That ongoing dialogue that has been taking place for years. Self can be redeemed but he has to go through death, burial and resurrection. That is your sanctification.

The Devil is patient though. He has been warming up to you your whole life. He has planted a double agent right inside enemy territory (his enemy’s). One of his outstanding characteristics is his subtlety. We spoke about that last week. Have you ever been taken advantage of by someone who you thought was your friend? Of course you have. How? By their wiles.

Don’t trust Self, trust in God. Put Him on that you might stand and not fall in the battle for your soul.