And take the helmet of salvation,…  Eph. 6:17a

As previously eluded to already, the battle is a battle for the mind. For ultimately the mind (together with emotion) is the greatest influencer on the will. The mind is to the soul as the Holy Spirit (or in some cases the Unholy Spirit) is to the spirit. It is the guide to lead the will. This is why we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We come to trust our mind and emotions and then give them authority over our actions. We listen to them.

An unsaved man, as well as a carnal Christian, do not have an active and healthy spirit. Because of this fact, the mind is often consulted (to the neglect of the Spirit) as to what to do in a particular situation. If the mind has been programmed with natural, worldly thinking then the actions will be natural and worldly and set against God’s will. This is why we must wash our mind with the Word of God to get it clean. When the mind is cleansed and full of God’s Word then it can receive the things of God by faith, then it becomes renewed to accept the mind of Christ – His Word – and act according to His will.

The enemy knows that one good blow to the head and you will be dazed and confused, unable to choose well. In a state of delirium you are no match for the onslaughts of the enemy. You must keep your head protected. That is the job and function of the helmet.

What are the nature of the enemy’s blows? They are lies and accusations regarding your worthiness and acceptability before God. He will bombard your head with blunt instruments to dull your knowledge of Him. He will strike you hard and repeatedly if you begin to even stumble. He often attacks when we are weak. When our bodies are tired our emotions are vulnerable. He uses this three pronged approach to destroy you – body, emotions and mind. When all are weakened and run down he attacks with a fury. His blows are concentrated on your head because ultimately the mind has the overwhelming influence on our will (when we are not submitted spiritually to His will).

Take therefore the helmet of salvation. Our modern helmet is made of some type of metal. But in ancient times the helmet was made of thick leather. The skin of an animal. An animal was slain for the protection of your head. When you are attacked you must remember that the Lamb was slain. He is your covering. His flesh was given on the altar, His blood was shed for your salvation. He is our helmet. It is Christ Jesus himself that we wear about our mind to protect us from these wicked lies and deceits.

Never, never, never forget who forged your helmet. Christ himself is your helmet. The ancient Arabic rendering of this verse is , "take the helmet of the Savior." Put the knowledge of the Christ who was slain on your mind. It will deflect any blows the enemy can direct at your mind.