In case you haven’t noticed things are getting worse, not better. Even the most worldly of persons will admit this. As we gain knowledge, sophistication and progress down the road of technology we are further and further removed from the character and virtues that we would consider good.

Culture is that collective set of beliefs, social forms and material traits that both describe and define a group or social order of people in a particular place and time. God understood the value and impact of culture upon a people. He realized that we are a product of those we interact with to the degree we are influenced and molded by their beliefs and customs and actions.

God instituted a very rigid and well defined social order for his people Israel. Through Moses and the Law, He defined marital laws, moral laws, social rules and methods of teaching the importance of valuing our parent’s wisdom and insight gained from the collective experience of their parents and their parents before them. God very lovingly controlled this cultural shift within His people. This created a type of protective bubble. As other nations were "progressing" rapidly down a path of wickedness and debauchery, God’s people had a relative protective shield around them.  I believe this made a great contribution to God’s people being separated and distinct in the world. The very virtue of honoring parents alone has catapulted the Jewish nation ahead of all its rival nations.

That was then. Then they lived in a community of small groups, tribes and clans and families. These were close-knit and somewhat manageable as each person was subject to accountability within their respective group. Today, the tribe is virtually global. Something can happen in China or another distant place and with the right media spin begin impacting us within days, even hours.

Every generation breaks from tradition and has a new idea or thought of how to do something. We have always considered these new ideas good things and given them a positive and promising name — progress. We have so accustomed ourselves to accepting the newest thoughts and beliefs that we, for the most part, adopt them wholeheartedly as good and helpful just because they are new.

Newsflash, they are not. How do you think we have gotten where we are today? One word – progress. If everything is so great explain why we refer to times past as the "good old days"? It is because our cultural shifts are taking us farther and farther from what is good, wholesome and moral. It is taking us as a whole people, even globally, farther from God.

This is simple math. The change of one person impacts his family, clan and tribe. Tribes influence communities, villages, cities and provinces. Provinces influence nations, continents and the world. God always deals with us as individuals. The only way to stop this madness is for each one of us to buck the system. So culture shifts, you don’t have to. God told us "come ye out from among them". God’s people are to be separate, distinct, set apart, holy.

Let the culture shift. God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. So when the tide of change comes your way, stand on the Rock. Better yet, swim upstream and take back ground for God and His Kingdom. Sure the culture sucks, but greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.