The Two Shall Become One

There is this recurring theme of becoming one, joining two in a way that the individuality of the two (not personality) is lost and consumed in the union. Oswald Chambers, (perhaps my favorite author), says that individuality—self-assertiveness of my identity—is the husk of the Believer; while personality—our personal identity as we have been created in Christ—is the kernel, our Being in Him.

I will put it this way: The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil took the pure and perfect personality of man and wrapped him into a husk of personal ambition and self-assertiveness—his individuality. Now there is a veil between who we Are, created in Christ, and Christ Himself. The two are divided by this husk that we willingly and recklessly put on ourselves. We must remove it and Christ is that Helper who will do it when we are willing to undergo the surgery of denial and ultimately the death of Self.

We are uniquely formed from the dust of the earth. God breathed His Spirit into the dust of the earth and we became a living soul. The soul, the particular expression that is You, is the unique combination of the Spirit of God and the particular dust You are made of. The thing that is notable about the dust we are made of is that the complex of dust which is me is distinct from the complex of dust which makes you. Dust being material and temporal is differentiated from other dust. Or as the scientists say it, matter can only occupy one space at one time, it has a fixed presence and a fixed capacity.

That I am I and you are you is indisputable and undeniable. Yet we were not created to be individual (i.e. self-assertive) but to become One in Him through the free-will sacrifice and moral decision to yield Self to Him. We are not robots in the sense that we can choose whether we want to be in Christ or separated from Him. That choice as determined in Time is Eternally sealed by Death. Will you live to Self and die to Christ? Or will you die to Self and live to Him? Those that are His, give themSelves, (their rights of Self) up for Him. Those that are not His assert their own rights above Him and never gain Him. It is in dying that we gain Him. It is in living to Self that we lose Him.

Here is the daily arena and battleground—the mind—where the outcome is played out—that outcome being stated—whose will shall be done?. Who will I submit to? In the Garden (pre Fall) we walked with God in the cool of the day. That is another way of saying we were united and One with Him in our will and mind and desires and at Peace with that arrangement. God gave us a will, the power to assert our Self, to see what was in our heart, or more accurately so we could see what was in our heart, our desire. The mind was to act as judge between the power to act—our will, and the desire to possess—our heart. Without temptation you would never see your own heart, its capacity (apart from Christ in you) to be desperately wicked. God created you to be dependent upon Him because He knows that you need Him. But do you know it? Not initially. It takes Time to realize it.

In the Garden, we were at Peace in our will and our heart because we had judged that this was Good. We had a mind, yet it was unchallenged in its thinking. Satan gave us an option. He dangled the shiny bauble in front of us and said, “You have rights that you can assert.” You can choose for your Self. And we did. We failed to trust our Father and instead resorted to Self’s assertion of rights and our perceived fear of loss, exercising both a newly found independent will and a hitherto foreign desire of our heart. We took the bait—hook, line and sinker as it were.

In this transaction, which had definite eternal consequences, we inverted God’s design. We were and are spiritual, being made like Him, we have a soul, that ability to express desire, and will and judgment, and we live in a body. Now that we have, by an act of our will, given our life over to Self by succumbing to his will, we have made him master. We are in a place that we were never designed to be. Dead, separated from Him, by a choice to give our will and power over to Self. Now, we must make the decision based on faith in Him, by His Word and His Spirit, to deny Self and take back what we once willingly gave up. God has sent Christ to break the chains and release us to do this. We must do it experimentally, in practice. Not only by revelation are we saved but in the working out of that salvation in this body, on this earth in actuality by the yielding of our will back to Him. It is in that act that we correct the misalignment of Sin and become One once again. We reattach to God by realigning under authority, both immediate (by delegation) and Supreme.

This is the two that must become One. God has revealed His Will by His Word. We who have exercised faith have received it by revelation. Now we must put it to practice. These two are the Bridegroom and the Bride. These two are the Word and the Flesh. These two are Male (husband) and Female (wife). These two are the Spirit and the Soul. Even our Revelation and Practice must become one. We must be who we are revealed to be in Christ. We must manifest in Reality.

In each case, note that the First is the intended Head and Authority of the Second. Yet in each case, (in most all situations) we have allowed the Second to become the First. The Bride, the church, is not submitted to the Bridegroom; the Flesh is not submitted to the Word; the wife is not submitted to the husband; and most tellingly, the Soul is not submitted to the Spirit. We have a serious problem with submission. We have a serious problem dying to Self. We have a serious problem which is division, rugged and rampant individualism.

The Lion (Self) must lie down with the Lamb (Christ). The two must become One. When the will of the Second is submitted to the will of the First, Oneness can be achieved as designed by God. Then there is Peace. We can once again walk with God in the cool of the day.