In Spirit AND in Truth

There is this grievous attitude set against structure and rules, even the very commandments of God through His Spirit, that quickly and unashamedly rejects Truth under the label of works. Any and everything that smacks of your duty or required performance is summarily dismissed.

In much the same way, American society has decided that authority is corrupt and greedy and has thrown off the yoke of its submission to those who are set over them. Just as a child in their immaturity will not understand the higher and wiser decisions of their parent but selfishly wants what it wants and becomes bitter toward the parent who withholds what they can easily grant or give, so do adults, even Christians, justify their non-performance of the Word and its precepts when viewed as restrictive and self-denying.

All these are expressions of self-centered, brewed-in-rebellion mechanisms to accomplish my will at the expense of God’s. We find justification for breaking the tie that binds. We wriggle and squirm to get out from under the hand of another’s God given and expressed will and protection for us and great harm is done and thereby given access to us.

The greater church has slipped into a demonic mindset and refuses to live by “the rules” by conveniently labeling them works. In this sense, every command of Christ could be labeled a rule, every admonition and principle that was passed to us through the sacred canon of scriptures, and every expression of will of our God-appointed and delegated authority could be shrugged off without cost to conscience.

No, a thousand times no! God is a God of order. It is only by alignment according to “the rules” that order emerges and benefits us. Without rules, without commands, without self-denials we only have chaos—the stuff Hell is made of. In chaos, power through will rules. You want to talk about oppression, think of the cruelest and most vengeful master who can dominate you at will. The only reason that does not happen now is because he has “rules” that govern him.

When you encounter a rule, or command or directive, your only question should be whether it is for your greater good, which by the way, almost always conflicts with your wants, requiring by its nature the application of self-restraint, self-government and self-denial. Truth has a way of doing that; not yielding right of way to anything. It just stands there immovable and unamused at the things that press against it. It stands for all time. Heaven and earth shall pass away but My Word (i.e. My Rule) stands forever.

What you need to determine when pressed to do a thing that you don’t want is – does it align with God’s precepts and laws- His Truth?

We have the grace thing down pat. We too often use it as license to do our own will. Shall grace increase, that sin may increase? By no means! But in most cases it has. We presume too much on grace. It was never meant to cover willful sin.

What the Church needs to do is have a grand opening. It needs to open its doors to Truth and allow Him to visit once again, no matter even if He just stands there and does not move when we throw our man-made ideas and reasonings at Him. Truth must be welcomed at the churchhouse.

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:23-24.