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Perseverance Pays Big It is hard to give up old habits, but it is even harder to go against one’s own will. Yet, if you cannot overcome small, trivial things, when will you overcome difficult ones? Fight the urge when it starts, and break off bad habits, lest perhaps, little by little, they lead you into greater trouble. Oh, if you could only know how much peace for yourself and joy for others your good efforts could bring, I think you would be more anxious for spiritual growth! Thomas aKempis – Dealing with Tempations, circa 1450; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
Potential Energy Source Remains Untapped Untold millions of Bibles go unread and unloved year after year. Many of the same Bibles are toted to church, Sunday school and meetings without ever being opened and searched out. I believe that if we could take each year all the Bibles in America alone that are thus within 10 years we would have enough Bibles for every person on the planet to have their own and many more being read regularly. Keeping God’s Word on the shelf or carrying it around for display serves no one, least of all God. Tom Van Hoogen
The Graciousness of Grace If then the reader be a real Christian, he is so because God chose him in Christ before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4), and chose not because he foresaw you would believe, but chose simply because it pleased him to choose; chose you notwithstanding your natural unbelief. This being so, all the glory and praise belongs alone to him. You have no ground for taking any credit to yourself. You have believed through grace (Acts 18:27)and that, because you’re very election was “of grace” (Rom. 11:5). Arthur W. Pink – The Attributes of God, circa 1940, copyright 1975 Baker Books
Prayer for a Prayer Life Lord Jesus! I ask Thee this day to enroll my name among those who confess that they know not how to pray as they ought, and especially ask Thee for a course of teaching in prayer. Lord! Teach me to tarry with Thee in the school, and give Thee time to train me. May a deep sense of my ignorance, of the wonderful privilege and power of prayer, of the need of the Holy Spirit as the spirit of prayer, lead me to cast away my thoughts of what I think I know, and make me kneel before Thee in true teachableness and poverty of spirit. Andrew Murray – With Christ in the School of Prayer, circa 1880, © 2008 Wilder Publications
Our Heart Gushes Forth from our Mouth How quickly doth the tongue betray the character! “Speak, that I may see thee!” said Socrates to a fair boy. The metal of the bell is best known by its sound. Birds reveal their nature by their song. The Treasury of David by Charles H. Spurgeon, abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
The Magnetism of our Creator There is a natural attraction between God and the human soul. The slightest contemplation of the divine brings us pleasure. The tiniest sunbeam is brighter than the moon and stars at night. This delight we naturally have in God is the result of something innately given. It is undeniable, but it is not easy to understand. We are created “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27). This makes us exceptionally attracted to the divine majesty. Francis de Sales – Treatise on the Love of God – circa 1616; edited by Bernard Bangley © 2003
Embracing His Will for You I am sorry to hear of your troubles, but I am sure you realize that you must carry the cross with Christ in this life. Soon enough there will come a time when you will no longer suffer. You will reign with God and He will wipe away your tears with His own hand. In His presence, pain and sighing will forever flee away. So while you have the opportunity to experience difficult trials, do not lose the slightest opportunity to embrace the cross. Learn to suffer in humility and in peace. Your deep self-love makes the cross too heavy to bear. Learn to suffer with simplicity and a heart full of love. If you do you will not only be happy in spite of the cross, but because of it. Love is pleased to suffer for the Well-Beloved. The cross which conforms you into His image is a consoling bond of love between you and Him. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
The Making of a God Among the sins to which the human heart is prone, hardly any other is more hateful to God than idolatry, for idolatry is at bottom a libel on His character. The idolatrous heart assumes that God is other than He is in itself a monstrous sin and substitutes for the true God one made after its own likeness. Always this God will conform to the image of the one who created it and will be base or pure, cruel or kind, according to the moral state of the mind from which it emerges. A. W. Tozer – The Knowledge of the Holy, © 1961 Aiden Wilson Tozer
Are You Loyal to an Ideal or to Him? Are we going to remain true to our religious convictions or to the God who lives behind them? true to our denominational view of God or to the God who gave the denomination its initial inspiration? Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Our Maker, Our Model, Our Daddy God is simply and altogether our friend, our father, our infinite and perfect God. Grand and strong beyond all that human imagination can conceive of mighty deeds and kingly action, He is also delicate beyond all that human tenderness can conceive. With Him all is simplicity of purpose, meaning, effort, and end — namely, that we should be as He is, think the same thoughts, mean the same things, possess the same blessedness. It is so plain that anyone may see it, everyone ought to see it, everyone will see it. He is utterly true and good to us. George MacDonald – The Best of George MacDonald © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries.