Transparency Required

Satan’s business flourishes and grows more profitable in the dark. Anything that cannot be brought into the Light for fear is his business, and he is thriving there.

The question is what do you have to do with the Light? When it comes do you place it under a bushel or set it on a lampstand? So many would-be spiritual leaders are masters of cloaking. In religion the goal is manipulation by the external presentation.

It is show business. The business of showing what is desirable and hiding that which is deficit in character and virtue. Unfortunately so many would-be leaders know the ropes, they are good showmen.

It is important that we confess our sins one to another, perhaps not in public forum, but somewhere we must be real with someone. If not, we begin to think we are the person we make others believe we are instead of the person God is revealing, the person who needs His grace and mercy.

If we are not transparent before others, especially the brethren, if we become showmen, showing only what we craftily and strategically present, then soon we deceive ourselves, soon we think that God too is buying into our deception, our projected image of righteousness.

You must find a few spiritual people to whom you can confess (agree with) regarding your faults. James says, “Confess you faults to one another…” James 5:16.

Transparency is the policy and normal procedure of the holy. It is required in God’s children, children of the Light and not of the dark. That which we fear resides in the dark. That which we proclaim and adore is Light. Let your light shine… The more you do, the better will be your vision and sight.