How Does Your Garden Grow?

If you have the been saved, regenerated, born again, redeemed, purchased by the blood, then God has deposited Himself in you. His Living Spirit dwells within you. He enters by His Word, the Spirit of God, in seed form, planted and full of potential.

The seed is the promise of Him, the hope of Him to grow and produce fruit, more fruit, very much fruit. How does your garden grow? There never was a seed that when once planted, grew to the heights of its calling without the nurture and care of the soil.

The key to the parables, the key to understanding the Kingdom is revealed in the Parable of the Seed and the Soils. There is never any fault with the seed, only the soil. All of Creation, the earth, the heavens, are planting the knowledge of the goodness of God. They are continually proclaiming Him. Men are without excuse.

If that were not enough, God has put His Word in our own language, through the pen of men who were carried along by the Spirit to write them. Listen, everything is crying out, even the rocks! The message is not far, it is near to you and can be heard even above the din of this world system. Again, men are without excuse.

So, how does your garden grow? Is your heart fertile and tender to receive Him, the Seed, into its depths? Is it kept well watered with the Word and the tears of prayers? Are you feeding Him who is within you by the exposure to Sun and not Darkness? To the Light of Truth and not Lies? Are you weeding out the roots of bitterness, deception, and the coils of covetousness that so easily entagle? Are you shedding away the husk of Self so the He might emerge? Are you tending your garden at all?

The seed will not mature apart from your active care and sacrificial offerings of time and love. God has placed all the potential for you to become the son of God within you. To as many as believe, to them gave He the right, the opportunity, the Potential, to be become the sons of God. Work out (as a seed from within) your own salvation with fear and trembling.

How does your garden grow?