The BIG Picture

God has a thought and a plan — as all creators do — behind His Creation. He spoke and declared it would be and it was, and is and shall be. He has the BIG picture. All of the heavens are His canvas. We have to absorb it one piece at a time, through our limited senses, and in seeking Him He will, by His Spirit, assemble it to our minds and spirits.

He interrupted Chaos with Order by the mere Word of His Grace and shone Light in the Darkness and Life into Death. God saw and spoke and it IS as surely as “I AM”. All His works shall glorify His Name. He especially desired sons to be like Him and to manifest the manifold grace and wisdom of His Lovingkindness and great Mercy.

Adam, a certain man, a Representative of Him, was His choice for a son – a vehicle to produce fruit in keeping with righteousness. Yet Adam must have choice too, just as God his Father, to express his will. His character would emerge from his essence and become evident to all, displaying whose son he was.

It is the very choice to be like God (to choose His will), or not to be that is the question of Time, the Now of Man, that shall judge his eternity. By this choice, like the choice in the Garden, God will build His Family. Those who would love Him and thus be changed from glory (of the son) to Glory (of the Father) would be like Him, welcome members of His household. Those who, within their hearts set themselves against Him in rebellion by their own free will would be strangers, separated from Him and unwelcome in His house. Only Time will tell.

He has lovingly placed huge billboards and blaring sounds throughout His creation for any who are seeking, thus revealing His Way Home. The heavens declare the glory of God. There are signposts always within the reach of your experience to remind you of His Love for you.

But Adam, not heeding the Word, sought counsel with another who solicited the service of Self to tempt and thus nurture a covetousness hidden deep within to establish his own will above that of his Father’s. It was Self that listened to and took into confidence Fear, rejecting his Father’s right of authority and establishing the rights of Self.

That is the BIG, BIG picture:

God wills a relationship with the sons, who come from Him. He desires that His son’s choose Him, and who by their very love for Him (from Him?) become just like Him – then they are son’s indeed.

Well, we got off to a very bad start. Adam fell. But no matter (although all Creation is now waiting for what seems like Eternity for our Redemption), every child falls before they learn to walk rightly. Dad can help uphold you by His mighty outstretched hand. If you want, He will Help you get your legs. But pity the fool who falls and does not cry for Help. If we would only call out, our Help is near.

I thought I could give you the BIG picture in a little snapshot, but it just doesn’t fit. So, I will develop this theme over the next few messages. It will take a number of snapshots though. Puzzles and mysteries take time, study and patience — some assembly required — to reveal their meaning. You now have a good framework in which to work, the borders assembled in which all the pieces fit.

1.) God desires sons, to be like Him and look like Him (spiritually), to have relationship with Him for all Eternity.

2.) God created Adam (and Eve from him) as the Progenitor. Adam made a selfish choice and broke union with God.

3.) God can fix this if you want Him to. Walk with Jesus Christ, follow Him, He will lead you Home to the Father and restore the original Relationship.

The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The way to see the BIG picture is one snapshot at a time.