Emotionless Motions

There are ways that God has given us to physically express our emotions. There is a way for the outside to express what the inside feels and desires to make known.

There are many positive expressions of our inward state of heart. Just watch the spectators at an intense football or basketball game. Look at the expressions and animation of a parent when their child begins to walk. Look at the faces of those at a wedding. The body is connected to the soul and the soul is the place where the mind and heart live.

There are also many negative emotions of the heart that express themselves through the body. We can see anger and depression. We can tell when someone has been hurt or suffers pain. The outside reveals the inside.

Emotions are a good thing. They hold our attention to a subject whether they are good or bad ones. When you have feelings regarding something or someone you are invested. You are actually giving some part of yourself to them. You have a thought or a feeling that connects you to them. When someone loves or hates you you can be assured you have their attention. Jesus had this effect on many. There were strong emotions evoked from the crowds and individuals that interacted with Him. He certainly drew out an emotion one way or the other.

But what if someone does not display any or very little emotion? What if they are apathetic? Pathos is the expression of concern for others. Apathy is showing no concern. The pathos of God is Love. His Love endures forever. Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Surely the Love of God follows me, and you!

I don’t think the world could live a day with an apathetic God. God is deeply concerned as demonstrated by the wide range of emotions good and bad, that He reveals concerning us. He loves us and hates our sin. We need to do this more ourselves – love the sinner, hate the sin.

Anyway, it comes to me that Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden as his signal of betrayal. A kiss is reserved for an expression of love, an affectionate desire toward another. What blasphemy! To take an expression of love reserved for the display of a positive emotion and corrupt its use, is beyond evil. If evil could be more evil it is in the corruption of a good thing.

How then is our apathy in gatherings all across the world to be taken when we are there going through the motions of a display of worship and love for God when our hearts are not there? Every week on a certain day millions gather to make a physical showing of a love feigned but without heart.

Religion, making an external display for which there is no internal reality of relationship, is like a Judas Kiss.

“This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” Matt. 15:8.

It is time we either get invested in a relationship with God or quit going through the motions. Religion is just pure evil.