Good Morning Dad!

You know that as young children, especially during the teenage phase, it is very easy to be unaware of our father and all that he does to provide for our needs. We are born into a system that has made a tradition of the mandate of God for the father to provide for his children. We take our provision and him for granted.

We always take what we have already and enjoy regularly as our right. We rarely consider the giver of the blessings, and more and more so in a culture that not only promotes your sense of rights and entitlement but glorifies the pursuit of selfish interests. Admit it, we are teaching to claim all enjoyments as rights and therefore are content and smug to be thankless toward the giver of those enjoyments.

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with someone and stated that I was going to start getting up at 4:00 am again. I had recently begun getting up at 4:30 but find that I never have enough time in the morning for hanging and talking with my Dad. The time seems pressed. I want to make sure I have time for Dad and I to share the things that are on our hearts – time for us.

I think they were wanting to be funny when they said, “Why don’t you just get up at 3:00? Or isn’t God up yet?” Well, they thought it was funny anyway.

To me it was not only not funny but bordered on scary. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up and Dad was not there already waiting for me. I guess we can take that for granted. I am sure I do and that is why I can sleep at night.

I am not sure that I could sleep peacefully, if at all, not knowing that my Father was up on the night beat watching over me.

Here are just a few of the things He is doing while I sleep safely and securely and peacefully in my bed:

He is holding back the tide of evil in the world to just the right temperature. Not too hot that we are consumed but hot enough that we are looking for shelter under His wing.

He is pouring out His grace and delivering it with exacting proportion and perfection to those in their time of need. At just the right time Jesus died for our sins. And at just the right time our Dad is dispensing His grace and mercy to our tired and wounded souls.

He is hearing the prayers of His children, addressing and sending each their reply by special delivery with precision timing. Each package is handled with special care and thought of his child. Trust me, Dad always gives good gifts. He often gives me what I never knew I needed. But then later I see how wise He is.

He is maintaining the earth and its stores of resources and riches for us to enjoy. He is managing the water flows, the tides, the weather, the soil temperatures and PH, the growth of plants and animals, the migrations of flocks and herds, swarms and schools, even the very rotation of the earth and the galaxies that hold us in just the perfect position. Lets just say our Dad has it all together.

His Word is working diligently to produce fruit in keeping with righteousness. He is advancing against the kingdom of darkness, establishing through His saints an earth fit for man, and a people fit for His dwelling.

He is counting the hairs on mine and your heads, as well as the inventory of the rest of our bodies. He is feeding the sparrows and considering the lilies. He is an amazing facilitator. He is pouring out life and light and love in their measure to sustain all His creation.

Thanks Dad for taking care of me and watching over me and providing for me while I rest.

Oh yeah, good morning Dad.