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Looking Past the Words to the Motives A man with whom I was boarding in a season of revival, being greatly troubled about his own spiritual state, said to me, What would you think of a man who prays for the Spirit of God week after week, but never gets it?

My reply was, I should think the man prayed selfishly. I presume that is all the trouble. The devil might pray for spiritual joy in the very same way. His only planned objective being his own spiritual enjoyment. The Psalmist did not pray so. He did indeed pray that God would restore to him the lost joys of his salvation; but his motives in it were not selfish, for he adds, Then will I teach transgressors thy ways, and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

Charles G. Finney – Power, Passion and Prayer, circa 1860, copyright 2004 Bridge-Logos Publishers
Truthful, Not Optimistic We and the prophet have no language in common. To us the moral state of society, for all its stains and spots, seems fair and trim; to the prophet it is dreadful. So many deeds of charity are done, so much decency radiates day and night; yet to the prophet satiety of the conscience is prudery and flight from responsibility. Our standards are modest; our sense of injustice tolerable, timid; our moral indignation impermanent; yet human violence is interminable, unbearable, permanent. To us life is often serene, in the prophet s eye the world reels in confusion. The prophet makes no concession to man s capacity. Exhibiting little understanding for human weakness, he seems unable to extenuate the culpability of man. Abraham Joshua Heschel – The Prophets © 1962 by Abraham Joshua Heschel, published by Hendrickson Publishers
He Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time Christ leaves no emptiness within you. You will be led to do things which you will find enjoyable, and you will like them better than doing all the things which led you astray. How happy you will be when you do not possess anything of your own but give yourself completely to your Lord. Bride of Jesus, how beautiful you are when you no longer have anything of your own, but seek only His beauty. You will then be the delight of your Bridegroom, and He will be all your beauty! He will love you without measure. He will put His own life in you. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
The Pride of Life Blinds You Many a gross Pharisee is a mighty moralist and he believes himself sincere with it. The deadliest Pharisaism is not hypocrisy, it is the unconscious Pharisaism of unreality. Dr. Forsyth Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
To Keep It you Must Give It Third, pass on to others what you have found. The third habit is the habit of passing onto others what has been given to us in the reading of the Word and prayer. It is a law of the mind that that which is not expressed dies. If you don’t share it, you won’t have it. E. Stanley Jones – The Habit of Reading the Bible Daily – circa 1930; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
Glorious Work to Be Done! As one comes to see the worth in the glory of the work to be done — as one believes in the possibility of his, too, being able to do that work well — as one learns to trust the very power and the very Spirit of God working in him, “he will, in the fullest sense, become conscious of a new life, with an infinity of unsuspecting glory in the midst of which we go about our daily task, and become Lord of an endless kingdom full of light and pleasure and power.” Andrew Murray – God’s Plans for You, circa 1890, © 1983 by Whitaker House
Selfish Pride, the Obstacle to His Will His will is the very most blessed thing that can come to us under any circumstances. I do not understand how it is that the eyes of so many Christians have been blinded to this fact. But it really would seem as if God’s own children were more afraid of His will than of anything else in life — His lovely, lovable will, which only means loving-kindnesses and tender mercies and blessings unspeakable to their souls! I wish I could only show to everyone the unfathomable sweetness of the will of God. Heaven is a place of infinite bliss because His will is perfectly done there. Hannah Whitall Smith – The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, 1875 © 1998 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Surgery Under a Really Bright Light You see, if you try to be the one who does the examining, there is a very good chance that you will deceive yourself…. Ah, not so when you come to your Lord. He can be so thorough, so exacting, and so demanding! There, before Him, you are in full exposure before the Sun of Righteousness. His divine beams make even your smallest faults visible. The proper way to deal with sin become so evident. You must abandon yourself into the hands of God, both in self-examination and in the confession of your sins. Jeanne Guyon – Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, circa 1680
The More You Know Him, the More You Love Him If it comes to attractive exterior’s and enticing advertisements, theology cannot hold a candle to theatricals, nor prayer-meetings to picture-shows. But they have most radiant outlooks for all that. And have we not somewhere read of One who is spoken of by those who are happy enough to know Him as the fairest among ten thousand and altogether lovely? Yet, when first they saw Him, he was to them as a root out of a dry ground, having no beauty that they should desire Him! F. W. Boreham – The Luggage of Life, 1912, published by Kregel Publications
The Deception of the Worlds Gifts “Earth’s entertainments are like those of Jael: her left-hand brings me milk, her right, a nail.” — Thomas Fuller Charles H. Spurgeon – The Treasury of David abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
Issues with God If you have issues with authority, then you have issues with Love. Tom Van Hoogen