Listen v4.36 The Big Picture – Part 18

Fathers and Sons

And you thought we were done. God does not stop at building a son of God but is busy placing us into His family as living stones. Just as God has given us families on the earth, connected genetically through physical birth and legal adoption so in the spiritual He gives us families in which we are interconnected spiritually to Him.

Every house in God’s family has a father and one or more sons (remember these are spiritual and therefore genderless). Who has God placed to watch over your soul? Who is there that God has placed as both an authority to correct and hold you accountable and to love and protect and provide for you spiritually? If you don’t know (and many don’t) you need to begin seeking out who that would be. God does not leave us as orphans, He sends us spiritual fathers to watch over us.

Let me give you some clues. A spiritual father will have a demonstrative love for you, not just a said love. He will not necessarily be your best friend that you spend a lot of time with but he will be there when you need him. And not only will he be there, he will be in front of God for you, asking the Father for wisdom to help to guide you. Of necessity a spiritual father is mature and full of character and integrity. A father who is appointed to watch over you will not seek his own (will, benefit, agenda, or praise) but your best as revealed by God Himself.

A spiritual father will make personal sacrifices for his sons and will demonstrate longsuffering as you go through the stages of growth. A spiritual father will show you what the Father looks like. He is specially appointed for this relationship. You will find that in time you will begin to have the spiritual personality of your father as you follow closer and closer. You become more like him (and that is good since he is of necessity like his father and so on up the line to God Himself) as time passes.

Just think of how society has functioned. It is made of family units, neighborhoods, communities, cities, regions and nations. God too is building a nation — a holy nation and the sons of God are the basic building unit. These He is forming into family units. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your Pastor is your spiritual father. Today church organizations have become so large that it may be that the pastor is not the one that God has set over you for your personal development (and it might). One thing is for certain, a father is involved in your life as much as you need him to be — does not leave you as orphans.

I know that these concepts may be foreign to you but just think about how often your Bible refers to a house and the family unit, the genealogies for each house showing how a person is connected into the family. It is not God’s design that you are brought into His family and have no one but Him to turn to. We are all connected in Christ. The house of God is built upon relationship, each member to the others.

Christianity does not function in a vacuum but in a Body of interconnected parts — sons of God.

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers.” Malachi 4:6.