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Are You Following God Now? One of the cardinal rules of the spiritual life is this we are to live exclusively in the present moment, without casting a look beyond this moment. You remember that the Israelites in the desert followed the pillar of fire, or of cloud, without knowing where it was leading them. They had a supply of manna but only for one day anything more than that became useless. Fenelon – Christian Counsel, circa 1690, copyright 2002 Bridge-Logos Publishers
We Are Either Libels or Bibles God cannot be honored when a child of His bears a burden with downcast and dejected countenance. As men of the world look upon the faces of those who profess to be God’s children, and see them dark with the same shadows as are flung across their own, they may well wonder what sort of Father He is. Whatever a man’s professions, we cannot help but judge him by the faces of his children. And if God is judged by the unconscious report made of Him by some of the His children, the hardest things ever said against Him by His foes are not far off the truth. Under such circumstances, the unbeliever may fitly argue, “Either there is no God, He is powerless to help, He does not really love, or He is careless of the needs of His children. Of what good will religion be to me?” We are either libels or Bibles; warning signals or harbor lights; repellent or magnetic. Which we are very much depends on how we treat our burdens. The one cure for burden bearing is to cast all burdens on the Lord. Whatever burden the Lord has given you, give it back to Him. Treat the burden of care as you once treated the burden of sin; kneel down and deliberately hand it over to Jesus. Say to Him, “I entrust this to You. I cannot carry them, but I commit them all to You to manage, adjust, and arrange. You have taken my sins; now take my sorrows.” As we find peace amidst hardship, others will know that God is faithful and trustworthy. F. B. Meyer – The Best of F. B. Meyer, circa 1910, © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries
We Are Actively Hostile to God Until … The death of Christ had to do with our sin and not with our sluggishness. It had to deal with our active hostility, and not simply with the passive dullness of our hearts. Our hostility that is what the easy-going people cannot be brought to recognize. That is what the shallow optimists, who think we can now dispense with emphasis on the death of Christ, feel themselves able to do to ignore the fact that the human heart is enmity against God, against a God who makes demands upon it; who goes so far as to make demands for the whole, the absolute obedience of self. P. T. Forsyth – The Work of Christ, Wipf & Stock, 1910
A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh Happiness is the characteristic of a child, and God condemns us for taking happiness out of a child s life; but as men and women we should have done with happiness long ago, we should be facing the stern issues of life, knowing that the grace of God is sufficient for every problem the devil can present. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Upping the Ante It was not the justification of sin, but the justification of the sinner that drove Luther from the cloister back into the world. The grace he had received was costly grace. It was grace, for it was like water on parched ground, comfort in tribulation, freedom from the bondage of a self-chosen way, and forgiveness of all his sins. And it was costly, for, so far from dispensing him from good works, it meant that he must take the call to discipleship more seriously than ever before. It was grace because it cost so much, and it cost so much because it was grace. That was the secret of the gospel of the Reformation justification of the sinner. Dietrich Bonhoeffer – The Cost of Discipleship, circa 1945, copyright 1959 by SCM Press Ltd.
Know God, Know Peace The true ground for peace and comfort is only to be found in the sort of God we have. Therefore, we need first of all to find out what is His name, or, in other words, what is His character in short, what sort of a God He is. Hannah Whitall Smith – The God of All Comfort, circa 1890 – 1956 Edition Moody Publishers
The Persecution of the Persecutors O persecutors, there is a time coming, when God will make a strict enquiry after the blood of Hooper, Bradford, Latimer, Taylor, Ridley, etc. There is a time coming, wherein God will enquire who silenced and suspended such and such ministers, and who stopped the mouths of such and such, and who imprisoned, confined, and banished such and such, who were once burning and shining lights, and who were willing to spend and be spent that sinners might be saved, and that Christ might be glorified. There is a time when the Lord will make a very narrow enquiry into all the actions and practices of ecclesiastical courts, high commissions, committees, assizes, etc., and deal with persecutors as they have dealt with his people. Thomas Brooks Charles H. Spurgeon – The Treasury of David abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
The Value of Dependence Upon God The greedy man scoffs at the poor and exults himself with the pride of his material possessions yet the poor man understands dependence on God and fears Him, while the rich man is here bankrupt. Humility, dependence upon God and fear of Him are the currency of the gates of Heaven. Tom Van Hoogen
The Only Qualified Teacher on Spiritual Matters God then began to show me that the Word of God alone is to be our standard of judgment in spiritual things; that it can only be explained by the Holy Spirit, and that in our day, as well as in former times, He is the Teacher of His people. The office of the Holy Spirit I had not experimentally understood before that time. I had not before seen that the Holy Spirit alone can teach us about our state by nature, show us our need of a Saviour, enable us to believe in Christ, explain to us the Scriptures, help us in preaching, etc. Andrew Murray – The Two Convenants, 1898, copyright 2005