Womb Service

In the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russel playing the part of Wyatt Earp, there is a scene where he asks Josephine what her idea of heaven is. She answers very succinctly “Room service”. And when we all hear it, don’t we get a little smile in our heart in the imagination of everything and everyone serving us? Room service is the ultimate in power and control. We just let our need or desire be known and then it appears magically on a silver platter.

This is absolutely the appeal that our greatest enemy makes to us, “Do not deny yourself anything”. In fact, so much of commercial marketing psychology is based on this very philosophy – that you will act on selfish impulse and intentions – “Have it your way”, “You deserve a break today”, “Because you’re worth it”, “Just do it”, “Go for the gusto”, while at the same time minimizing or deceitfully hiding the cost. Go ahead eat the fruit, you will not surely die. It really is a poison apple and we are all Sleeping Beauty, the Bride of Christ whose Beloved must break the curse of our sin-choice and redeem us. We lie in a stupor-like sleep, half-dead, half-alive waiting for our Prince to come, trapped in a childlike state.

Here we remain in a state of living-death. A seemingly safe and sustained state of existence. We have provision and protection but at what cost? And this is the very appeal of womb service – that we might remain in this state, enjoying the seeming bliss of the darkness in which we sleep – all the while Reality and full life is waiting for our transformation from innocence (e.g. childlikeness) to a fully  mature son formed in His likeness (e.g. godlikeness).

Yet, we love womb service. By nature we are the fruit of the womb. But it was intended and designed that we be born, and leave that place within our mother (our earth) and enter into a full relationship in our Father (Spirit) and that we travel from our natural home to the Home that He has prepared in Him. This is our spiritual journey – leaving the place where our soul was happy with the pleasures it experiences to passing through the Wilderness where we are presented with the opportunity to trust and obey our Father, thus denying our self, ultimately arriving where we find our contentment and joy – in Him.

It is in dying to ourselves that we become like Him – a safe-place for others. When we have arrived we are no longer interested in self-serving but in laying down our lives for Him and others. It is Love that energizes this dying, for there is no other power strong enough to bring us in to Him, and it is Love that calls us to leave this earthly womb of our mother and calls us to enter into our Father. Entering this Love is the destiny of our journey.

In that very place, God Himself provides our womb service. “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” John 15:16.

Without going into drawing pictures, I want you to see and hear for yourself how this journey is relayed more than once. We must put aside the innocence of childlikeness (not knowing right from wrong) and through a series of moral choices (based on obedience to Him) travel the Way of Sanctification by death to Self, that we may arrive in Him.

Just reflect on these examples set before us of moving from the womb of the earth (natural), through the process of sanctification, to the Womb of God (supernatural). From childlikeness to a fully mature son or daughter of God.

Examples to consider:

Noah from the pre-flood earth through the fires of ridicule, through the flood to the earth now cleansed by the washing of water.

Abram from  Ur of the Chaleans, his natural country to Abraham to “a land that I will show you” by way of Egypt (a type of the world system).

Jacob from exile from his natural home to be processed though the events of working with his father-in-law, wrestling with God and becoming Israel, facing a Giant (fear of what his brother might do to him), losing his very own son through death (apparent) only to be be found alive again.

Joseph from the place of the most loved of his earthly father, processed through being sold to slavery, forgotten in a prison, to saving his people, and leading them out of Egypt.

Moses from living with the king of this world, through the Exodus out of Egypt into the Wilderness to the threshold of the Promised Land (Thats as far as the Law can take you)

David from the court of the king of this world to fleeing Saul in the Wilderness to the throne of the King.

There are so many more examples, practically every person who you recognize as a saint (a called out, sanctified one) in the Bible shows a clear example of this – being born in this world, dying to it through a process where they learn to trust and obey God to finally entering in to Him, thus providing a safe-place for others.

God does not want to deny us room service, it is in giving up our lives for Him and others, in an act of faith that we enter in and receive womb service – the provision and protection of our Father.

“Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Matt. 20:28.