Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We all like to get where we are going. I’ve noticed that I always like to entertain the idea that I should take the scenic route to work and enjoy the views along the way, but I rarely do. I like to get where I am going.

In travel, especially that travel marked by spiritual landmarks, the goal is to get to the destination, where God wants you to be. Although you may or may not enjoy the journey, and some of the sights can be less than pretty, you do want and need to get where you’re going. The Israelites present the classic example of going places but never arriving. Their Wilderness experience is a lesson in the costliness of lostliness. Lets just say they had some things they had to work out before they could enter in.

God has places we need to go, places we need to enter into too. He has marked out paths for each one to travel to get to the destination of His purposes. Which are, namely, to know Him and the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus, to become complete and mature, fully functional and spiritually operating sons of God. Then, when once we are become the sons of God, He desires that we be set forth in the Kingdom to accomplish His will on the earth, as His delegated authorities.

We have a long way to go by those standards. Many are having trouble finding the pathway much less getting on it and making good progress and good use of time. But lets, for argument sake, assume you are already on the path, following God the Light. That He is able to lead you in His paths of righteousness. How will you try to get there?

Some common modes of transportation we are familiar with are planes, trains and automobiles. Think of each of these descriptions in a spiritual mindset. Look for the parallels of the concepts to the spiritual progress and hindrances they each present.

Of these, trains are the least popular method. Trains have inherent limitations. The time you would save by rolling on continually is lost by the time it takes to start and stop at each loading station. It seems like there is more starting and stopping than forward motion. They also have a very limited number of places they can take you. They can be noisy and a difficult place to find rest. They can however, get you where you are going, but the ride is often bumpy and slow going. Trains are like your emotions.

Automobiles have their own set of pros and cons. An automobile has great agility to change direction and course quickly. It can start and stop very quickly too. You get to decide where you are going and which way you prefer to get there. The more frequently you have gone to a destination the easier and quicker it is to get there the next time. Sometimes you can just put your car on autopilot and it seems to know the way.

On the downside, travel by auto has a more complicated set of rules than the train or the plane. There are frequent lights and stop signs, guard rails and ditches and medians that keep you on a prescribed path. There are police that may pull you over and become costly, both financially and in time spent. Autos require a lot of maintenance and attention too, you continue to pay for them the more you use them. It seems like they are always needing repairs and new parts.

Then, of course, there are all those other pesky drivers that can cut you off, that run contrary to the direction want to go. If you are not careful you may be headed for a collision with others. And don’t forget about the traffic problems and breakdowns along the road. Cars are high maintenance. Automobiles are like our mind.

Plane travel is superior in many ways. I would never dream of trying to fly a plane myself though. I know I need a pilot. Planes get you where you are going quickly and cover lots of distance in short order. They are not subject to traffic jams, and your typical ground rules. They are navigated and attended by a seasoned pilot who has done this many times before. They provide the best comfort and rest as compared to the other modes mentioned. Planes are also the safest and most dependable mode of travel.

Planes have amazing views, taking you above all that is on the earth. They give you greater perspectives of the things below. And your view of the horizon is only limited by the height at which you are traveling. The higher you fly the farther you see.

Planes operate by the laws of aerodynamics that give them the ability to overcome the laws of gravity — the pull of the earth. And with the laws of thrust and air lift you are able to rise above and soar to incredible heights. The things that make planes work is beyond me. I don’t have to understand how they work, just trust them and have faith in their ability to take me where I need to go.

Your emotions will never get you where God wants you to go. Your mind will never get you there either, although you will see a lot, your perspective will always be horizontal. No, if you want to get to where God wants you to go, if you want to see the way God sees, you will have to go there by plane. You will have to leave this earth for a while, get a different perspective and then come back. Planes are like spiritual travel as compared to trains and automobiles. The price to fly spiritually is submitting your will to the pilot’s. You have to trust Him and rely on Him alone to get you where you are going. Just sit back, rest and enjoy the view.

“…they shall mount up with wings as eagles…” Isa. 40:31.