Holey, Wholly, Holy

Each of us is born naturally, not of the spirit but of the flesh, by human effort and work. We are born in Adam. As such we live unto ourselves and die by ourselves. We know this instinctively and by experience. We soon learn how we have to perform and do things so that others applaud to get the things that we need. We do and do and do it seems, but we just cannot get enough to make us secure. Even the most wealthy men in the world go to sleep wrestling with fears of loss and insecurity (why do you think they worked so hard to get money in the first place?).

We are each born with a huge hole in us — we are holey. We spend our years trying to fill our holes with things that we think can remove the gnawing pangs of an empty soul. We live in fear and unrest, lacking peace and joy.

Then by God’s will and design He makes Himself known to us. We hear Him (with spiritual ears) by the Word of His testimony and we respond to know more of Him and then one day we see Him (with spiritual eyes) as He reveals the Light and Truth and Love — Himself to us. Some quickly take inventory of their worldly stance and goods and weigh that they will not pay all that for Him and go away having seen but not believed unto salvation.

Others see Him and begin to gaze upon the beauty of His holiness and realize that He is the One who fills the hole. They take possession of Him by faith and begin to live in Him. Yet the transaction is only partly complete. We want Him to fill our hole but we have gathered so many things that are dear to us.

We are not willing to depart with our worldly riches. God cannot fill the hole till you empty it. He is the perfect fit yet he cannot occupy His place fully till you remove the worldly things you have gathered to yourself. He wants to live in you wholly.

Years and years go by. You have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. You wonder why you too cannot have this holiness that He promises. Then slowly, thing by thing God begins to show you that you do not need them, that you need Him. One by one, often painfully and grudgingly we hand over the remnants of an old dead person’s treasure. We make more and more room for Him.

When once He is wholly yours you become like Him — Holy.

Holey, Wholly, Holy.