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The Meetings are Held at His House So it often happens that men want God to meet their selfishness; and when they find He does not, they have often a long struggle before they really humble themselves, so as to meet God on His own ground. Charles G. Finney – Power, Passion and Prayer, circa 1860, copyright 2004 Bridge-Logos Publishers
The Truth Hurts, Then Heals As for the humiliation you feel when you see your faults simply see how sensitive your self-love is. The pain you feel at your own imperfection is worse that the faults themselves. Your problem really is that you become so irritated by seeing your faults. Learn to live with yourself as you really are without being so upset. If you do this, you will soon have peace. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
All is Subject to Error but Him Never be afraid if your circumstances dispute what you have been taught about God; be willing to examine what you have been taught, and never take the conception of a theologian as infallible; it is simply an attempt to state things. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Exercise Spiritually to Maintain Health The Bible vindicates itself because it is such excellent medicine. It has never failed to cure a single patient if only he took his prescription honestly. Take the prescription of the Word of God daily. No Christian is sound who is not scriptural. E. Stanley Jones – The Habit of Reading the Bible Daily – circa 1930; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
A Feast for Sore Eyes The Lord’s Supper has not yet experienced its final fulfillment. It points prophetically to something further, and even greater and more glorious. A feast of the reconciled and redeemed is yet forthcoming, with which our present communion stands in proportion only like the copy of the original or like the foretaste to the full enjoyment. When this feast shall be celebrated, faith will have become sight, that which is in part have become that which is perfect, and strife and conflict have terminated in enduring triumph. This high festival, which shall never more be interrupted, will be held at the moment when the kingdom of God shall be accomplished and completed. Something new will then take the place of our present communion. Ask me not wherein it will consist. It is certain, however, that our Lord, in the words, “I will not anymore eat this Passover with you, until it be fulfilled,” does not merely intend to say, “till we shall rejoice together in a perfect glory of My kingdom, and with all the redeemed.” We are not entitled thus generally to explain His language. The expression He makes use of does not refer merely to something indefinitely spiritual; the addition, which the Lord afterward makes, is quite at variance with such a view. F. W. Krummacher – The Suffering Saviour, Meditations on the Last Days of Christ, Wipf and Stock Publishers
Nowhere to land? As my soul stands in the presence of God there is a flood of judgment waters that engulf me. The only safe place is the spirit of Christ in me which, as a dove rests in Him. Tom Van Hoogen
All The Eggs are in the Basket of Us Our Lord took His people into partnership with Himself and entrusted His work on earth entirely to their care. Their neglect would cause it to suffer. Their diligence would be His enrichment. Here we have the true basic principle of Christian service — Christ has made Himself dependent on the faithfulness of His people for the extension of His kingdom. Andrew Murray – God’s Plans for You, circa 1890, © 1983 by Whitaker House
He Knew All Along, Imagine That! This is what I have called guessing the hidden eccentricities of life. This is knowing that a man’s heart is to the left and not in the middle. This is knowing not only that the earth is round, but knowing exactly where it is flat. Christian doctrine detected the oddities of life. It not only discovered the law, but it foresaw the exceptions. Those underrate Christianity who say that it discovered mercy; anyone might discover mercy. In fact everyone did. But to discover a plan for being merciful and also severe — that was to anticipate a strange need of human nature. G. K. Chesterton – Orthodoxy, copyright 1908 by Dodd, Mead and Company
What You Will See When the Light is Left On And the faith by which we enter into this hidden life is just the same as the faith by which we were translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear Son, only it lays hold of a different thing. Then we believed that Jesus was our Savior from the guilt of sin, and according to our faith it was unto us; now we must believe that He is our Savior from the power of sin, and according to our faith it shall be unto us. Then we trusted Him for forgiveness, and it became ours; now we must trust Him for righteousness, and it shall become ours also. Then we took Him as a Savior in the future from the penalties of our sins; now we must take Him as a Savior in the present from the bondage of our sins. Then He was our Redeemer; now He is to be our Life. Hannah Whitall Smith – The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, 1875 © 1998 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Medicine is Often Bitter Going Down There is a higher experience of repentance, and there is a deeper experience of confession of sin than the feeling of regret. In fact, you will find those feelings of regret replaced by something else — replaced by a love and a tranquility. That love, that tranquility sweetly saturates your soul and, having saturated it thoroughly, takes full possession of it. Jeanne Guyon – Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, circa 1680