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The End Product of Redemption Sanctification is realized only in Christ. Tom Van Hoogen
O, How the Mighty are Fallen! When the Spirit convicts you of sin, Satan will try to convince you, “It is such a little one spare it.” Or he will bribe the soul with a vow of secrecy: “You can keep me and your good reputation, too. I will not be seen in your company to shame you among your neighbors. You may shut me up in the attic of your heart, out of sight, if only you will let me now and then have a wild embrace of your thoughts and affections in secret.” If that will not be granted, then Satan asks for a stay of execution, well knowing that most such reprieved lusts at last obtain their full pardon. The longer we procrastinate, the harder it becomes to break through the clever coaxing of the silver tongued defender of sin and death, and actually carry out the execution. Here history’s bravest men have shown themselves putty in the enemy’s hands…. like the great Roman who, as he rode triumphantly through the city, never took his eyes off a prostitute walking along the street: a man who conquered empires, captured by the glance of a single woman! William Gurnall – The Christian in Complete Armour – Volume 1 of 3, circa 1655, copyright 1986 by World Challenge, Inc.
Can You Account for The Time Given You? The Bible does not expect new Christians to be spiritual instantaneously, if they should remain as babes after many years, however, then their situation is indeed most pitiful. Paul himself points out to the Corinthian’s that he had treated then as men of the flesh earlier because they were new born babes in Christ, and that by now at the moment of this writing them they certainly should be growing into manhood. They had instead frittered away their lives, remained as babes, and were thus still fleshly.

It does not necessitate as much time as we think today for one to be transformed from the fleshly into the spiritual. The believers at Corinth came out from a strictly sinful heathen background. After the lapse of only a few years the Apostle already views them as having been babes too long.

Watchman Nee – The Spiritual Man, circa 1920, copyright 1968 Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc.
Living to Self is the Easy. Dying takes Guts! Many think that dying to themselves is what causes them so much pain. But it is actually part of them that still lives that causes the problem. Death is only painful to you when you resist it. Your imagination exaggerates how bad death will be. Self-love fights with all of its strength to live. Die inwardly as well as outwardly. Let all that is not born of God within you die. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
The God of My Beliefs Then follows the revealing of the unconscious egotism of the orthodox credist, dictatorially asserting the character of God ( Job 15:14-16 ). Then, like a theological buzzard, he sits on the perch of massive tradition and preens his ruffled feathers and croaks his eloquent platitudes. There is no trace of the fraud in Eliphaz, he vigorously believes his beliefs, but he is at a total loss to know God. Eliphaz represents the kind of humbug that results from remaining true to conviction instead of to facts which dispute the conviction. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Much Harder Than We Like to Think Calling the disciples first to reflect on the original difficulty for every man to enter God’s kingdom, Jesus reasserts in yet stronger phrase the difficulty of the rich man. It always was and always will be, hard to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is hard even to believe that one must be born from above must pass into a new and unknown consciousness. How hard? As hard as the Master of salvation could find words to express: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate… his own life also, he cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14: 26). And the rich man must find it harder than another to hate his own life. There is so much associated with it to push out the self of his consciousness that the difficulty of casting it from him as the mere ugly shadow of the self God made is vastly increased. None can know how difficult it is to enter the kingdom of heaven except those who have tried tried hard and not ceased to try. I care not to be told that one may pass at once into all possible sweetness of assurance; it is not assurance I desire, but the thing itself; not the certainty of eternal life, but eternal life. George MacDonald – The Best of George MacDonald © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries.
Only One Guest in Your House at a Time! Oh, how foolish we are if we attempt to entertain two guests so hostile to one another as Christ Jesus and the devil! Rest assured, Christ will not live in the parlor of the hearts if we entertain the devil in the cellar of our thoughts. Charles H. Spurgeon – The Treasury of David abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
Learning to Work from Our Dad All life has a destiny. It cannot accomplish its purpose without work. Life is perfected by work. The highest manifestation of its hidden nature and power comes out in its work. And so work is a great factor by which the hidden beauty and the divine possibilities of the Christian life are revealed. Work must not only be performed by the child of God for the result of being used as God’s instrument, but also be given the same place it has in God Himself. As in the Father and the Son, and with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, work is the highest manifestation of life. Andrew Murray – God’s Plans for You, circa 1890, © 1983 by Whitaker House

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Are You In or Out? There are three possible lives: one entirely under law; one entirely under grace; one a mixed life, partly law and partly grace. It is this last against which Paul warns in Romans. It is this which is so common and works such ruin among Christians. Let us ask ourselves if this is not our position and the cause of our low state. Andrew Murray – The Two Convenants, 1898, copyright 2005 CLC Ministries International
The Enemy Has A Bag Full of Tricks You may be a hard sell, and I pray God you are; but do not think for a moment that Satan will be easily turned away. If you do not like his box of temptations, then he will reach into his sack of accusations and display them so cleverly you will think he brings them at God’s request! William Gurnall – The Christian in Complete Armour – Volume 1 of 3, circa 1655, copyright 1986 by World Challenge, Inc.
Accountability Defined The more you know, the better you understand, the more severely you will be judged, unless your life is also holy. Thomas aKempis – The Imitation of Christ circa. 1420 © 1999 Bridge-Logos Publishers
Balancing Humility and Pride at the Summit The distance between true love and horrific pride is virtually infintesimal. True love seeks, with sincerity of heart, zeal and unselfish desire to please or benefit another. Its sole intent is outward toward others without thought of self or personal welfare. This is how we can be “like God”. This is the reason Christ will say to us, “well done… ” Right now, right here, at the apex of spiritual experience is our Temptation. Now the Accuser comes and whispers, “Yes, you did good didn’t you? Yes, you did because you are so good.” This is the place where we must say “get thee behind me”, for if we do not, we fall from that mountain and are dashed on the rocks below. Safer to not get up on a mountain and to chain our soul to the level ground of Humility. Tom Van Hoogen
Entering the Prayer Zone How, then, should one pray? How should one dispose oneself and act? That is what I now intend to discuss a bit. Every good person, when he intends to pray, should gather together to himself his external senses and look into his heart and mind to see that they are well focused on God. A person can do this in the highest, lowest, or intermediate manner. And to this end it is good for a person to examine very carefully what is most suitable and what most moves him to proper, true devotion; and let him then make use of this manner of work. But you should realize that whatever good person wants to engage in true, proper prayer, so that his prayer will truly be heard, must have already turned his back on all temporal and external things and on whatever is not divine, whether it be friend or foe, and on all vanity, whether it be clothes or jewels or anything of which God is not the true source. And he must separate his words and actions from all disorder, internal or external. John Tauler – Sermon 39, circa 1340; excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.
Words From a Higher Source The prophet is human, yet he employs notes one octave too high for our ears. He experiences moments that defy our understanding. He is neither a singing saint nor a moralizing poet , but an assaulter of the mind. Often his words begin to burn where conscience ends. Abraham Joshua Heschel – The Prophets © 1962 by Abraham Joshua Heschel, published by Hendrickson Publishers
Unseen Results Porphyry lived at a time when this universal way for the liberation of the soul which is none other than the Christian religion was, by divine permission, attacked by idolaters, demon worshippers, and earthly rulers in order that the number of martyrs might be completed and consecrated and by martyrs I mean witnesses of the truth whose mission it was to show that all bodily sufferings must be endured when it is a question of remaining faithful to religion and of offering testimony to the truth… He did not understand that these persecutions, which impressed him and which he feared to suffer if he chose this way, tended rather to establish this religion more solidly and to commend it to others. St. Augustine – The City of God, circa 400, copyright 1950 by Fathers of the Church
God Is Not Far Off, As Some Consider Far Everything that comes from God s hand produces good fruit. Sometimes the annoyances that make you long for solitude are better for producing humility than the most complete solitude could be. Use the circumstances of each moment to the fullest. Sometimes an exciting book, or an inspiring devotional time, or a deep conversation about spiritual matters will make you feel extremely satisfied with yourself. You will believe that you are farther along than you really are. Talking about the cross is not at all the same as experiencing it. So remember this: Do not seek God as if He were far off in an ivory castle. He is found in the middle of the events of our everyday life. Look past the obstacles and find Him. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
Put Up or Shut Up The friends charge Job with a lack of seeing the obvious, and Job replies, I am facing things you have not begun to dream about; why don t you either plunge into the deeps with me, or else keep silent, if you cannot tell me what to do? Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Shaken, Not Stirred The nearer the Cross came to you, the deeper it entered into you, were you the more disposed to admire yourself? There is no harm in your feeling pleased with yourself because you were able to thrill to these human heroisms; but if the impression Christ makes upon you is to leave you more satisfied with yourself, more proud of yourself for being able to respond, He has to get a great deal nearer to you yet. You need to be I will use the Scottish phrase which old ministers used to apply to a young minister when he had preached a thoughtful and interesting discourse you need to be well shaken over the mouth of the pit. P. T. Forsyth – The Work of Christ, Wipf & Stock, 1910
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