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Garden Variety Theology History therefore is a garden in which we may recognize three divisions. Within its ambit we find the creation, the reconciliation, and the renewal of heaven and earth. Creation is symbolized in the sowing or planting of the garden; reconciliation by the germination of what is sown or planted. For in due course, while the heavens showered from above and the skies rained down the Just one (Isaiah 45:8), the earth opened for a Savior to spring up, and heaven and earth were reconciled. “For he is the peace between us, and has made the two into one” (Colossians 1:20), making peace by his blood between all things in heaven and on earth. Renewal however is to take place at the end of the world. Then there will be “a new heaven and a new earth” (Revelation 21:1), and the good will be gathered from the midst of the wicked like fruit from a garden, to be set at rest in the storehouse of God. Bernard of Clairvaux – Sermon on the Song of Songs 23 – circa 1135; excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.
Imposter in the Wild But Disrobed at Home? There cannot be a secret Christian. Grace is like an ointment hidden in the hand; it betrays itself. A lively Christian cannot keep silent. If you truly feel the sweetness of the cross of Christ, you will be constrained to confess Christ before other people. Do you confess Christ in your family? Do you make it known there that you are His? Remember, you must make your position clear in your own house. It is the mark of a hypocrite to be a Christian everywhere except at home. Robert Murray McCheyne – The Best of Robert Murray McCheyne circa 1840, © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries
The Spirit is Working His Way Out Biblical regeneration is birth by which the innermost part of man s being, the deeply hidden spirit, is renewed and indwelt by the Spirit of God. It requires time for the power of this new life to reach the outside: that is, to be extended from the center to the circumference. Watchman Nee – The Spiritual Man, circa 1920, copyright 1968 Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc.
The Unction of Religious Presumption If Eliphaz had been wise he would have seen what Job was getting at Job is facing something I do not see; I don t understand his problem, but I will treat him with respect. Instead of that he said, According to my traditional belief, you are a hypocrite, Job. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Religion, Just Like the Law, is Powerless The subject of religion is valuable in its place, but it’s place is limited. The only Cross you can preach to the whole world is a theological one. It is not the fact of the Cross, it is the interpretation of the Cross, the prime theology of the Cross, what God meant by the Cross, that is everything. That is what the New Testament came to give. That is the only kind of Cross that can make or keep a Church. P. T. Forsyth – The Work of Christ, Wipf & Stock, 1910
Binding and Loosing Prayer grasps the power of heaven, and fasting loosens the hold on earthly pleasure. Andrew Murray – Andrew Murray 365 Day Devotional, © 2006 Whitaker House.
Actions Reveal Intentions of the Heart It was this general intention that made the primitive Christians such eminent instances of piety and made the goodly fellowship of the saints and all the glorious army of martyrs and confessors. And if you will here stop and ask yourselves why you are not as pious as the primitive Christians were, your own heart will tell you that it is neither through ignorance nor inability, but purely because you never thoroughly intended it. You observe the same Sunday worship that they did, and you are strict in it because it is your full intention to be so. And when you fully intend to be like them in their ordinary common life, when you intend to please God in all your actions, you will find it as possible as to be strictly exact in the service of the Church. And when you have this intention to please God in all your actions, as the happiest and best thing in the world, you will find in you as great an aversion to everything that is vain and impertinent in common life, whether of business or pleasure, as you now have to anything that is profane. William Law – A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, circa 1728; Random House Inc. © 2002
Taking Up the Shield of Faith You must take your stand on His trustworthiness. You must say to yourself, and to your friends if need be, “I am going to believe what Christ says about God. No matter what the seemings may be, nor what my own thoughts and feelings are, nor what anybody else may say, I know that what Christ says about God must be true, for He knew, as nobody else does, and I am going to believe Him right straight through, come what may. Hannah Whitall Smith – The God of All Comfort, circa 1890 – 1956 Edition Moody Publishers
Ticket for the Homecoming Party The essence of love is others-centered. So many are busy about loving themselves and making themselves happy. Now joy is another matter altogether. Perhaps that is why God s word tells us, He who gains his life (i.e. spends himself for himself) will lose it, while he who loses his life (i.e. gives himself to God and his neighbors) will gain it in the next. Love is the ticket to this life and the next. Tom Van Hoogen
Marvelous – Astonishing, Wonderful This is a marvelous thing, that God thinks upon men and remembers them continually. — John Calvin Charles H. Spurgeon – The Treasury of David abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
The Law Leads us to Christ Paul sets before us a demand: to bring about a newness of life by changing of habits. For when the fornicator becomes chaste, when the covetous person becomes merciful, when the harsh become subdued, a resurrection has taken place, a prelude to the final resurrection which is to come. How is it a resurrection? Is a resurrection because sin has been mortified, and righteousness has risen in its place; the old life has passed away, and new, angelic life is now being lived. John Chrysostom – Sermon on Dying to Sin – circa 400; excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.

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No Finish Line, No Pit Stops Just as the end of life is the beginning of death, so also stopping in the race of virtue marks the beginning of the race of evil. Gregory of Nyssa – The Life of Moses, circa 375; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
Walking Is A Continuous Action If self-denial is a condition for salvation, desire to be saved must make self-denial a part of everyday life. If humility is a Christian duty, then the everyday life of a Christian must show forth humility. If we are called to care for the sick, the naked, and the imprisoned, these expressions of love must be a constant effort in our lives. If we are to love our enemies, our daily life must demonstrate that love. If we are called to be thankful, to be wise, to be holy, they must show forth in our lives. If we are to be new people in Christ, then we will show our newness to the world. If we are to follow Christ, it must be in the way we spend each day. William Law -God the Rule and Measure, circa 1750; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
The Victorious Virtue True virtue and love reside in the will alone. It is a great virtue to always desire God, to keep the mind steadily turned toward Him, and to bring it back whenever it is perceived to wander. In short, to will nothing but what He wills,… to remain the same in the spirit of a submissive irreclaimable, burnt-offering. Fenelon – Christian Counsel, circa 1690, copyright 2002 Bridge-Logos Publishers
Freely You Have Received, Now Give Freely The true Christian life is a balanced life one of receiving and giving. When we first come face-to-face with God’s presence, when He draws us to His throne, there is no other reasonable act than to give, give the bended knee in humble, reverent awe and adoration. So John the Baptist came proclaiming “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” In other words, give give your reasonable act of worship. Kill the disposition that I am here for me and what benefits me. Bow and die in the presence of a Holy God. Unfortunately, the church for many generations, has approached the Christian life as an opportunity to get. The first emphasis is to receive Christ and He is the gift of God. Then continue to come back each week as His gifts are doled out in a perpetual succession, one after another, week after week. Always receiving. To be sure there are emphasis on giving too. Give to the church building program, the church operational budget, the church’s programs cost money too. Give your time and talents to the church’s program so that its influence will grow in the community. This is not Christianity, this is a mere business transaction. Tit for tat. A one-hand-washes-the-other thing. God came and gave, not so He could get, not so you would give, rather because of your great need. Now He does not call you to a business relationship but to a love affair. In true love identity is lost. The two become one. He gave so we might have the right to become Sons of God. How does that work? Sons share all things in common with their Father even the family business. He died so we might become like Him, giving His life for many. You see the only reason we were given His life is so we might give it to others, broken and poured out. Tom Van Hoogen
Lost to Me, Found in Him O how few are the souls that attain to this perfect way of praying because they do not penetrate enough into this internal recollection, into mystical silence, and because they do not strip themselves of imperfect reflection and of sensible pleasure! O that your soul without thoughtful attention even to herself might give herself in prayer to that holy and spiritual tranquility and say with St. Augustine, “Let my soul be silent, and pass beyond herself, not thinking of herself” (Confessions 9.10). Let her be silent, and desire neither to act nor to think; let her forget herself and plunge into that obscure faith. How secure and safe would she be, though it might seem to her that abiding thus in nothingness she would be lost. Miguel De Molinos – The Spiritual Guide, 1675 – excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.
At the Sight of Holiness The work of unheard-of condescension proceeds in silence, until the turn comes to Simon Peter. Here, as might be expected, resistance is offered and a stand is made. When the Master approaches him, his face flushes with a fiery excitement. He hastily draws back his feet, and, as on a former occasion, he exclaimed, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, oh Lord!” so now he cries in the violence of his feelings, “Lord, dost thou wash my feet?” He cannot comprehend how any thing so unseemly should take place. The glory of the Lord and the worthlessness of the creature contrast too strongly. How deeply does Peter abase himself in this expression of his feelings, and how highly does he elevate his Lord and Master! “Thou, the Holy One,” is the language of his heart — “I, a worm of the dust! It cannot be.” F. W. Krummacher – The Suffering Saviour, Meditations on the Last Days of Christ, Wipf and Stock Publishers
Robbed of Happiness but Not Joy All degrees of joy reside in the heart. How can a Christian be full of happiness (if happiness depends on the things that happen) when he is in a world where the devil is doing his best to twist souls away from God, where people are tortured physically, where some are downtrodden and do not get a chance? It would be the outcome of the most miserable selfishness to be happy under such conditions; but a joyful heart is never an insult, and joy is never touched by external conditions. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
A God-sized Peg for a God-sized Hole In comparison with this big world, the human heart is only a small thing. Though the world is so large, it is utterly unable to satisfy this tiny heart. Our ever growing soul and its capacities can be satisfied only in the infinite God. As water is restless until it reaches its level, so the soul has no peace until it rests in God. Sadhu Sundar Singh – With and Without Christ – circa 1925; excerpted from Devotional Classics by Foster and Smith © 2005
Are You a Kingdom Worker? Neither the home nor the foreign missionary work of the church will ever be done right until every believer feels that the one purpose of his being in the world is to work for the kingdom. Andrew Murray – God’s Plans for You, circa 1890, © 1983 by Whitaker House

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Working On a Completed Project Though they had been justified by faith, they were seeking to be sanctified by works. They were looking for the maintenance and growth of their Christian life in the observance of the law. They have not understood that the progress of the divine life is by faith alone…. Almost every believer makes the same mistake as the Galatian Christians. Very few learn at conversion that it is only by faith that we stand, walk, and live…. they consider themselves prepared and equipped by conversion to take up the fulfillment of the law as a natural duty…. They cannot understand that it is not to the law but to a living Person that we are now bound. Our obedience and holiness are possible only by the unceasing faith in His power ever working in us. It is only when this is seen that we are truly prepared to live in the New Covenant. Andrew Murray – Covenants and Blessings, circa 1880
Don t Just Get In By the Skin of Your Teeth Again, let the gentleman of birth and fortune but have this intention, and you will see how it will carry him from every appearance of evil to every instance of piety and goodness. He cannot live by chance, or as humor and fancy carry him, because he knows that nothing can please God but a wise and regular course of life. He cannot live in idleness and indulgence, in sports and gaming, in pleasures and intemperance, in vain expenses and high living, because these things cannot be turned into means of piety and holiness, or made so many parts of a wise ad religious life. As he thus removes from all appearance of evil, so he hastens and aspires after every instance of goodness. He does not ask what is allowable and pardonable, but what is commendable and praiseworthy. He does not ask whether God will forgive the folly of our lives, the madness of our pleasures, the vanity of our expenses, the richness of our equipage, and the careless consumption of our time; but he asks whether God is pleased with these things, or whether these are the appointed ways of gaining His favor. He does not inquire whether it be pardonable to hoard up money, to adorn ourselves with diamonds, and gild our chariots whilst the widow and the orphan, the sick and the prisoner want to be relieved. But he asks whether God has required these things at our hands, whether we shall be called to account at the last day for the neglect of them; because it is not his intent to live in such ways as, for aught we know, God may perhaps pardon, but to be diligent in such ways as we know God will infallibly reward.
He will not therefore look at the lives of Christians to learn how he ought to spend his estate, but he will look into the Scriptures, and make every doctrine, parable, precept, or instruction that relates to rich men a law to himself in the use of his estate.
William Law – A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, circa 1728; Random House Inc. © 2002
Consider It Pure Joy My Brothers When… It does not follow because a man has lost belief in his beliefs that therefore he has lost faith in God. Many a man has been led to the frontiers of despair by being told he has backslidden, whereas what he has gone through has revealed that his belief in his beliefs is not God. Men have found God by going through hell, and it is the men who have been face to face with these things who can understand what Job went through. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
Love, My True Character To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that love is the reason for my existence, for God is love. Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name. Thomas Merton – New Seeds of Contemplation, ©1961 by the Abbey of Gethsemani, Inc.
For a Full View, Remove the Blinders You do not yet see the lovely side of following Christ. You see what He takes away, but you do not see what He gives. You exaggerate the sacrifices and ignore the blessings. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
Don t be Sympathetic toward Sympathies The modern church is producing sympathetic Christians by the multitudes, Christians who are warm and tender toward the things of God and His Kingdom. Their hearts are the only thing moved toward His purposes. These are leanings and inclinations toward the purposes of God. This is not enough — There is no power in an inclination. What we lack is a true fear of God, a final smashing of our sympathies so that true conviction can be released and empower us to submissive yieldedness toward God’s purpose. Sympathies mingle the emotions of man with the purpose of God, while conviction cuts straight through the soul and it’s purposes to align mans purpose with the purposes of God. Tom Van Hoogen
Faith the Overcomes the World That man is perfect in faith who can come to God in the utter dearth of his feelings and desires, with the weight of lowly thoughts, failures, neglect, and wandering forgetfulness, and say to Him, “You are my refuge because You are my home.” Such a faith will not lead to presumption. The man who can pray such a prayer will know better than another that God is not mocked; that tears and entreaties will not work on Him to the breach of one of His laws; that forgot to give a man because he asked for that which was not in harmony with His laws of truth and right would be to damn that man — to cast him into the outer darkness. And he knows that out of that prison the just, imperturbable God will let no man come until he has paid every cent. George MacDonald – The Best of George MacDonald © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries.
The Cause for Pause and Applause That is why the Christian is in a different position from other people who are trying to be good. They hope, by being good, to please God if there is one; or — if they think there is not — at least they hope to deserve approval from good men. But the Christian thinks any good he does comes from the Christ-life inside him. He does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us; just as the roof of a greenhouse does not attract the sun because it is bright, but becomes bright because the sun shines on it. C. S. Lewis – Mere Christianity, copyright 1952, C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd.

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The Plumbline of Truth Because God is holy he hates all sin. He loves everything which is in conformity to his law, and loathes everything which is contrary to it. Arthur W. Pink – The Attributes of God, circa 1940, copyright 1975 Baker Books
A Total Wash and Blotting Out Not only shall they perish themselves, but their way shall perish, too. The righteous carves his name upon the rock, but the wicked writes his remembrance in the sand. Charles H. Spurgeon – The Treasury of David abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
The Humility and Joy of Bowing Low It is always so. Our choicest blessings invariably come to us by descending; our richest benefits come by going downward. We stoop to conquer. The farmer bows his face toward the earth both to sow the seed and to reap the harvest; the miner goes below for the precious things of the earth; the loveliest streams flow along the lowliest valleys; the sweetest flowers flourish in the shadiest dells. F. W. Boreham – The Heavenly Octave: A Study of the Beatitudes, Copyright 1936 by F. W. Boreham
For His Good Pleasure Again, let a tradesman but have this intention and it will make him a saint in his shop; his everyday business will be a course of wise and reasonable actions, made holy to God by being done in obedience to His will and pleasure. He will buy and sell and labor and travel, because by do doing he can do some good to himself and others. But then, as nothing can please God but what is wise and reasonable and holy, so he will neither buy nor sell or labor in any other manner, nor to any other end, but such as may be shown to be wise and reasonable and holy. He will therefore consider not what arts or methods or application will soonest make him richer and greater than his brethren or remove him from a shop to a life of state and pleasure; but he will consider what arts, what methods, what application can make worldly business most acceptable to God and make a life of trade a life of holiness, devotion, and piety. This will be the temper and spirit of every tradesman; he cannot stop short of these degrees of piety, whenever it is his intention to please God in all his actions, as the best and happiest thing in the world. And on the other hand, whoever is not of this spirit and temper in his trade and profession, and does not carry it on only so far as is best subservient to a wise and holy and heavenly life, it is certain that he has not this intention; and yet without it, who can be shown to be a follower of Jesus Christ? William Law – A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, circa 1728; Random House Inc. © 2002
Working In Obscurity Much of God s work is done in secret because you would not die to yourself if He always visibly stretched out His hand to save you. God does not transform you on a bed of light, life and grace. His transformation is done on the cross in the darkness, poverty and death. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
Other Gods Begin In The Mind The essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him. It begins in the mind and may be present where no overt act of worship has taken place. When they knew God, wrote Paul, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Then followed the worship of idols fashioned after the likeness of men and birds and creeping things. But this series of degrading acts began in the mind. Wrong ideas about God are not the only fountain from which the polluted waters of idolatry flow; they are themselves idolatrous. The idolater simply imagines things about God and acts as if they were true. A. W. Tozer – The Knowledge of the Holy, © 1961 Aiden Wilson Tozer
Prayers That Toss To and Fro on Your Lips Jesus Christ did not say, Ask what you like, and it shall be done unto you, but ask what you will, ask when your will is in the thing that is a real problem to you, and God has pledged His honour that you will get the answer every time. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
God Made A Way, Where There Was No Way In Jesus, every obstacle has been removed out of the way of your immediate forgiveness and acceptance. The dying Savior put away sin, bearing our offenses in His body on the tree, reconciling the world to Himself. You may not believe this, or feel the joy of it, but that does not alter the fact that it’s true. F. B. Meyer – The Best of F. B. Meyer, circa 1910, © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries
In The End, It is You and God After All Jesus himself, Lord and God, whose virtue could neither receive increase in the secret of the desert, nor be impeded in a public place, nevertheless, so that he might instruct us by an example, was proved by fasting and temptation in solitude before he preached and performed miracles (Matthew 4:1-11). Scripture also says of him that leaving behind the crowds of his disciples he went up the mountain alone to pray (Matthew 14:23). As the time of the passion already grew near, he left the apostles and went alone to pray (Matthew 26:39-44), showing us especially by this example how much solitude aids prayer, since even though the apostles were his companions, he did not wish to pray along with them. Guigo I – Carthusian Customs – circa 1120; excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.
Defiance is Indefensible It is not your ignorance, nor your deception, nor your foolishness that will not allow you to die to Self and submit to God but Pride in all its flaming glory that will not allow you to confess your dependence on others and God. Pride is the life-blood of Death. Tom Van Hoogen

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A Gulf That Cannot Be Bridged To be a disciple of Christ, one must renounce all he has. He cannot hold on to the world with one hand and with the other hold on to the Lord. Watchman Nee – The Salvation of the Soul, © 1978 Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc.
The Trouble With Peace If thou be despised loving Christ in His gospel, remember that when David was thought base for dancing before the ark, his way was to be more base. “The more thou troublest thyself, or art troubled by others for Christ, the more peace thou hast in Christ.” Quote by John Donne from The Treasury of David by Charles H. Spurgeon, abridged by David Otis Fuller, circa 1880, © 1968 by David Otis Fuller, Published by Kregel Publications
Take Eat I say that the ineffable speech which Paul heard spoken in Paradise (2 Cor. 12:2-4) was the eternal good things which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived (1 Cor. 2:9). These things which God has prepared for those who love him, are not protected by heights, nor enclosed in some secret place, nor hidden in the depths, nor kept at the ends of the earth or sea. They are right in front of you, before your eyes. So, what are they? Together with the good things stored up in heaven, these are the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ which we see every day, and eat, and drink. They, we avow, are those good things. Outside of these, you will not be able to find one of the things spoken of, even if you were to traverse the whole creation. If you do want to know the truth of my words, become holy by practicing God s commands and then partake of the holy things, and you will know precisely the force of what I am telling you. Symeon The New Theologian – The Ethical Discourses – circa 1000; excerpted from The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGuinn copyright 2006 by Random House, Inc.
Failure to Launch I had a vision of a life of prayer yes, and limitless power, which I saw depended on two things only faith and prayer. For the moment I was thrilled. I fell on my knees, and as I bowed before my Lord what thoughts surged through my mind what hopes and aspirations flooded my soul. God was speaking to me in an extraordinary way. This was a great call to prayer. But to my shame be it said I did not heed that call. Unknown Christian – The Kneeling Christian, circa 1890, © 2007 Bidge-Logos.
Relationship, Not Knowledge, is the Ticket People believe that at conversion their sins are forgiven, that God accepts them so that they may go to heaven, and that they should try to do God s will. But the idea is strange to them that they may and must each day have this blessed fellowship with God, just as a father and his child on earth have pleasure in fellowship. Andrew Murray – Andrew Murray 365 Day Devotional, © 2006 Whitaker House.
Letting Go is the Hardest Part Pray for strength and faith enough to trust yourself completely to God. Follow Him simply wherever He may lead you and you will not have to think up big plans to bring about your perfection. Your new life will begin to grow naturally. Fenelon – The Seeking Heart, circa 1690, copyright Christian Books Publishing House
Little Steps Lead to Bigger Leaps The things most readily to be done those that lie not at the doorstep but on the very table of a man’s mind are often the most neglected and overlooked. Can a man become strong in righteousness without learning to perform ordinary acts of kindness for his neighbor? Will a man climb the last flight of the stair when he has never set foot on the lowest step? Could it be that the Lord, who demands higher virtue of us, tests us first in little tasks before he entrusts to us bigger ones? George MacDonald – The Best of George MacDonald © 2006 Cook Communications Ministries.
Lacking Evidence of Life If our common life is not a common course of humility, self-denial, renunciation of the world, poverty of spirit, and heavenly affection, we do not live the lives of Christians. But yet though it is thus plain that this, and this alone, is Christianity, a uniform, open, and visible practice of all these virtues, yet it is as plain as there is little or nothing of this to be found even amongst the better sort of people. You see them often at church, and pleased with fine preachers; but look into their lives and you see them as just the same sort of people as others are that make no pretenses to devotion. The difference that you find betwixt them is only the difference of their natural tempers. They have the same taste of the world, the same worldly cares and fears and joys; they have the same turn of mind, equally vain in their desires. You see the same fondness for state and equipage, the same pride and vanity of dress, the same self-love and indulgence, the same foolish friendships ad groundless hatreds, the same levity of mind and trifling spirit, the same fondness for diversions, the same idle dispositions, and vain ways of spending their time in visiting and conversation as the rest of the world that make no pretenses to devotion. William Law – A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, circa 1728; Random House Inc. © 2002
Unlimited Supply of Water Not personal benefit but community benefit. All who come to me to drink shall be benefited by the Water that is Living in Me and poured out through you. You are a source of the Source. The same water that satisfies, only a smaller, yet not limited, representation. The Water in you is unlimited for it is Living and Active. It has this effect of satisfying the soul of them who hunger and thirst for righteousness. You have become a Well of Me. Tom Van Hoogen
The Very Essence Of Sin We are staggered at immorality, but Jesus faced those things in the most amazingly calm way (see Matthew 21:31 ). When He was roused to a state of passionate indignation it was by people who were never guilty of such things. What Our Lord continually faced was the disposition behind either the morality or the immorality. If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin . . . ( John 15:22 ). Any man would have known without His coming that it was wrong to take life, the law is written in him; any man would have known that immorality was wrong; but no man apart from Jesus Christ would believe that my right to myself is the very essence of sin. Oswald Chambers – The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers
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