And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Eph. 6:15

The feet too, though often overlooked and neglected, are a critically needful part of this warfare. We are told, no commanded (to keep in our metaphor), continually to stand. How can you stand if not upon your feet? What is it that holds us up and supports our weight if not the Gospel itself, the Good News? And this is the "gospel of peace". What kind of peace is this? It is the best kind. Peace between God and myself.

It is thing that has brought resolution and closure to the rift that lay between us, the Peace that burns up as a holy offering the contempt that has made us enemies. It is the bridge that was erected as a monument in remembrance of my laying down of arms and accepting His terms. It is once again our Lord, our Savior, the King and Commander of our Army – Jesus the Christ of God – our Peace. He is the bridge that made a way. He took away the separation, placing Himself in the gap and now mediates between God and man.

This is a peace that He offers freely to any who would come after Him and follow Him. To any who will accept His terms of surrender. When you admit that He wins, you win. Such a deal! In losing, I win it all. But unfortunately many are so headstrong they refuse to surrender one foot of territory without death, and so the battle rages on. They fight for a worthless piece of ground.

Now that we have surrendered and gained this peace, we are enlisted to fight for His cause. To advance against His enemy. We have this Rock that we now stand upon and a sure foothold of His grace by which we stand. We are now the preparation of the gospel of peace. Not only are we ready and able to stand but we are willing and wanting to stand and proclaim the victory that can be had if those who oppose Him will but surrender and lay down their arms.

This gospel of peace protects our feet from the dust and pain of the earth. Though we stand upon the earth we are not sullied by its dirt, nor are we weakened by our steps. Our feet are clean, strong and protected against the ground of this temporal land. This gospel is a shoe of sorts that keeps our feet beautiful and fit for the advancement of our cause. Yes, it is now our cause too. We are not under conscription of labor but of love. We are constrained to serve by love for our King. We see the beauty and majesty of His Kingdom and know the Righteousness of His Rule and are ready, no happy, to march in this army. The Cause of God.

Onward Christian soldier, marching as to war… Onward, then, ye people, Join our happy throng, Blend with ours your voices, In the triumph song.